Asphalt, Bitu-Ox 400

More effective and safer than diesel! An oil based solvent that liquefies and breaks down tar, asphalt, oil, grease, asphaltene and paraffins. Has multiple uses including acts as an asphalt remover, heavy lubricant, release agent, degreaser and can be used in a power washer for extreme cleaning. For use on multiple surfaces, rinse with water after use. 

Asphalt Remover & Degreaser: BITU-OX 400

Dilute 6:1 Ratio, just as effective
No odor. High Flash Point. Available in 32 oz. bottles, 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.
SCS Certified Biodegradable & Waterway Safe* Non-Reactive Non-Carcinogenic Derived From Renewable Resources

As Bitu-Ox 400 sits on the asphalt/tar it continues to break down the mess making it easier to wipe away.

Watch It Work

Click the link below to watch Bitu-Ox 400 remove asphalt. Contact us to take the challenge yourself.

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SCS Certified Biodegradable & Waterway Safe*

*Product ingredients, except for surfactants, demonstrate an acute aquatic toxicity equal to or greater than 100 mg/L. Surfactants demonstrate an aquatic toxicity of greater than or equal to 10 mg/L, but contain no products of concern and are readily biodegradable.



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